Our Philosophy

At CaptionsVerbatimPro.com we strive to move this service into the normal world to service all people and we welcome those who have had this incredible service for many years.  It is the deaf we must give credit to because without their early dedication to the successful usage of this service it wouldn’t be where it is today.  That is our number one goal and our thanks to the deaf community.

We are passionate about what we do.  We work with independent captioners who are highly skilled and

dedicated to their chosen field of work and they are as passionate, caring and thoughtful as our founder,

Bobbi Barras, who has had a profound hearing impairment of the nerve type since the age of 4.   She

understands the need and the joy they share with every customer.  She stumbled on this CART service quite by accident back in 2007.  She was so in awe of being in the position of knowing every word being said she thought she invented hearing.   That very day she took charge of a group meeting…something she would never have tried to do before in a group of 250 students.   For the first time she felt she was in the loop and could actually participate in discussions with other students in the seminar during coffee break.  That is another story and it will be presented in this website.  


We are dependable because we understand the demands and the last minute demands, the changes, the varied services available.   We understand the need for that captionverbatim account….every single word as it’s spoken.  No word will ever be substituted in any way.  It’s verbatim all the way!   The quality

of our captioners is on the level of par or better.   Most of our captioners have years of experience and training.  They must qualify to work with Captionsverbatimpro.  


We are competitive with other services in the business who may also offer the same stellar services as CaptionsVerbatimpro.  Competition is always good for business.  


Let’s hear what people are saying ……


From a Board Meeting

Wow! What a great experience.  I knew what I had been missing but I didn’t know I could do anything about it.   I have nerve loss and now I feel I can be competitive with others in our company and meet the demands set forth for all.   Thank you so much for this eye opening experience.   T. Carter Newport Beach, Ca.


From the Company President

Thank you for your stellar services.   We now have a verbatim record of our board meetings on our computer there for all our employees to use as a reference from wherever they are when traveling.  We also had a couple of employees on a business trip but they were able to read the minutes at the end of their day.   What a valuable tool this has become.   We hope to have you back again soon.   J. A. Newsom

Newport Beach,Ca


Convention Planner

I was in charge of planning a convention for our company and didn’t know how we would be able to reach every customer who signed up for our 2 day convention.   I am aware that many people today have hearing loss and sometimes don’t hear every word.   My sister has nerve impairment and she suggested captions.  I had no idea how that would work in terms of a large group in a convention hall.  But I wanted to be sure all our paying attendees would be able to enjoy the entire session.   It was the most talked about service we’ve ever had.  Since that time we have received many thank you notes from those who benefited from our decision to use this service.   It was funds well spent for the enrichment for those who would otherwise have been left out.  Your services were excellent.  And, we will budget these funds to cover future needs.  Thank you.  L. A. Coupler, Costa Mesa, Ca.


Your services were great!   It was more than an enjoyable experience!  One of our employees actually came forth and shared with me in private that he has had a nerve loss for several years and he was so grateful for this service and asked if it could be used again.   He told me it was the first time he felt comfortable enough to admit his loss to me as his supervisor.  He could not control his excitement and talked about it every day and couldn’t thank me enough for providing this service.   We now have something in common as I , too, have a nerve loss and couldn’t admit it to anyone.   Thank you for this wonderful experience in knowing what is being said verbatim!    It opened a whole new world for all of us!   We’ll continue with your excellent services.    B. Johns, President E. Anaheim, Ca.


I’m a slow writer because I have never been able to keep up with a seminar speaker.  They speak so fast.  But I’ve always had this problem even in high school and throughout college.  I have perfect hearing so that was not a problem.   By the end of a seminar my notes were scribbled and I wasn’t able to make much sense with most of it.  The seminar would not allow me to tape.   I was grateful that I was able to find this service on such a short notice even though I was the one who paid for the entire 3 day services for myself.  I had my monitor on the table and she was working about 6 seats away.   So I was able to just listen.  There were times where I would have missed what was said because the speaker was walking the floors and out of my hearing realm.  The most exciting thing was when the day was over and I retired to my room in the hotel,  the captioner transferred all the notes of the day directly to my computer.   Whoa there!   I couldn’t believe it.  I read through them while relaxing over a glass of wine.  What a beautiful experience to have that service.  I’ll never again attend a meeting of any kind unless I have that service.  I’m floating on a cloud with this and will share my experience with everyone I know.  Thank you…thank you…thank you.    S. K. Jones Huntington Beach, Ca.


I’ve never been good at taking notes.   My notes are usually a mess…disorganized and just worthless to me at the end of a class.   My girlfriend used to take notes and she’d share those with me but we broke up and I don’t have any notes from my classes now.  I just can’t seem to transfer what is being said into an outline of pertinent notes.   I was about to drop out of college but my aunt suggested this service and she paid for my first semester.   At the end of the class the captioner forwarded the first day of notes to my computer.   When I got home I opened my computer and there it was.   Verbatim.   Unreal.   It has increased my scores in class tremendously.  The school will not provide these services unless the student is deaf.   I can hear so I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful caring Aunt who dotes on me but only for my education.  She says I have to earn everything else.  My teachers have noticed the difference and they can’t believe how much it has helped me on my tests and my GPA.   I think I just may graduate with honors and sooner than I would have without the services.  Thank you very much.  I think we are a team now, at least until I get through school and stay on the good side of my aunt.   Z. Taylors  Buena Park Ca. 


I’m a student in college.  I’m a Mexican-American and I speak Spanish at home.  I have a hard time in my classes at school because it’s in English and I don’t understand all the words the teacher uses.   My family wants me to finish and graduate with good grades.   I heard about this service on campus for the deaf and I asked for it but I didn’t qualify because I can hear.   I told my family about it and they all got together and pooled their funds to buy me a computer and to provide this service but only if it could be provided in both English and Spanish.  In other words I requested 2 complete versions.  The lady who did the captioning said that was no problem.  Now I read both versions and my grades are going up but not yet where I want to be.  But I plan to stay in school and this is helping me do that.   I asked the lady how she converts the language so fast and she showed me she only pushes a button and it converts.   I’m like Wow!   This has been a good semester for me.  My grades are up and I hope to graduate.   I was thankful the company who provided the captions gave us a discount and that helped me and my family.  Thank you.    M. Gonzales, Santa Ana, Ca.




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