Verbatim…..the only way to GO!                        

This is an incredible service for all people… on…. is where it’s at!   It means exactly what it says. We caption the spoken word….any place…anytime….wherever it’s needed, wanted and requested. was initially designed for those with hearing impairment of the nerve type who can read what is being said from beginning to the end as well as normal hearing individuals who cannot write notes fast enough to keep up with fast speakers / teachers as well as those who prefer to spend their time listening to a speaker versus taking notes.  At the end of each session, with a click of a button, the caption provider can transfer the entire verbatim account to every student computer in the classroom and even provide translation to other languages with a click and service all attendees. Yes, the time has come to provide this service to all people.  We need to break away from the old school of separating people in the learning arena.  The service enhances  the learning process for all people who desire a backup

reference  to all  Boardrooms meetings, conventions, seminars, college

classes, wherever a speaker is giving a presentation.  CaptionsVerbatimPro

is here and moving this service into the normal world to service all who

want and request the service.  There is only one world and that’s where it


This is an incredible service that eliminates a student having to make

their disability, whatever it is, known to all.  It eliminates the embarrassment

and the segregation and equalizes opportunities to learn in any classroom.   

Learning should not end on the last day of school.   Education is a lifetime



Some History

Closed captions have been around since the ’80’s when they started

captioning the television programs.  Then in the mid 90’s it was

introduced to the deaf community in the community college system

as C.A.R.T. Services.  At that time and up to this time it’s still labeled

as C.A.R.T. services.  Not many outside the deaf community college

system knew what that meant.   If you Google CART you just might pull

up a company who builds carts.   Only within the latter years one

could find maybe one or two C.A.R.T. services available on the same


However, the hearing impaired community, specifically those with a

nerve impairment were not aware of these services nor were the

normal hearing group with other disabilities.   It’s only been in the

last few years that some people found out about captions by pure

accident and started asking questions and some ventured forward

and asked for the services.   

Because they were hearing impaired versus deaf they were

sometimes denied the service especially if they wore a hearing aid.  

That’s because some people thought if they wore an aid/s

they should be able to hear everything.  Not everyone truly

understands hearing impairment and certainly not nerve loss. 

We’ll talk about that at a later time to help all to understand the

difference between nerve impairment and conductive loss.

Some are now calling their company’s Caption Services vs. CART

Service.   That’s good growth because Captioning is what it is.  Everyone

knows what captioning means and captioning should be for everyone

and anyone who request the services.  

Today provides realtime captions for a wide

variety of people and company’s.  It is used in top business boardrooms

as a record of past discussions.  It is used in large groups of people such

as seminars, conventions and even in small groups of people such as in

investment groups and private college classes.  The list goes on and on.

And, yes I’m talking about normal hearing people are using captions.

It is an incredible service especially for business where they need a record

of the entire discussion to refer back to.  It eliminates “he said, she said.”

It’s now being used in the news as streaming services…it’s one and the

same ….just a different technique being used.

Those with hearing loss of the nerve type can rejoice because they no

longer have to tell others they cannot hear!   They will now know the

question from the back of the room and the answer from the front of

the room.  They will now be able to contribute to the conversations in a

group setting at a seminar versus having to ask the person next to them 

what was said.  They will be able to be independent and express their

thoughts without concern of saying the wrong thing and/or responding

inappropriately.   They will now know the punch line to a joke versus

having to ask the person next to them, “What did he say?”   And put up

with the normal response of, “Ohhhh, it was nothing…he just told a joke.”  

Oh really?  And everyone is knocking themselves silly laughing at the

punch line and it was nothing?    Boy do you ever get the urge to pull his

toenails out!   They will now KNOW what was said and not wander what

was said.   There is a huge difference in knowing you know, and thinking

you know.   This service will solve that problem for all those with nerve

loss.   Their self esteem, self worth and  confidence that once slithered to

their will soar.  They will be able to compete in the world of business,

learning in a classroom setting, earn a degree, start a business whatever

and wherever their dreams take them.     

It will also service the needs of slow learners, slow writer, those with

dyslexia.  The need for this service to all …. is NOW!   

Let’s talk about a few other things of interest

Texting was designed for the deaf to keep in contact and look what

happened to it.  That’s all the teenagers do all day long.   Everyone …

well almost everyone is texting today.  It’s faster.  It works.  It saves time.

Gregg Shorthand was designed by John Gregg who lost his hearing

and was not ready to let go of life as he once knew it.  He taught it to

his wife and she went with him at every meeting and classes and took

dictation for him.   He was way ahead of his time.  At one time Gregg

shorthand was THE dictation system used by every stenographer in top

level offices.  It was considered a high level position for a woman in

those days and her salary was equal to or better than a secretary.  The

computers changed that and Gregg shorthand is no longer in use to my


Skype was designed for the deaf and look at where it is today!  Who ever

dreamed we’d be able to call someone abroad and talk face to face?  It

was a real breakthrough for the deaf to be able to talk to their loved ones

across the country.  It is now enjoyed by all.

Captioning is here to stay for all who want it because they can!  It truly

belongs in every classroom in every school, community college and

university…..everywhere there is learning such as seminars.   Education is

a lifetime pursuit.   It will happen…in time.   And, that time has arrived! 

That is our mission at

See you inside…..


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