Parents K-12
Q: Are you saying that I, as a parent, will receive the full teaching for the day and it will be loaded on my computer to view?
A: Yes, that is exactly how this system works and it will keep you on top of everything going on in any classroom your child is registered in.   This will assist you in providing better support for your child when they don’t understand everything taught during the class.  It should create better communication between parents, child, teacher and administrator.   It will eliminate “He said, She said” at all the grade level of study K-12. 
 As the child gets older it will be loaded on the child’s computer for you to view as well or both if requested.  We all learn differently and sometimes one explanation does not do it for some students.  A second explanation by a different person, parent or even a study buddy which might be a classmate who is also in the same class if the students are in the higher grades such as grade 6 – 12, may make the difference for better understanding.  
Q: Will there be an extra charge for this service?
A: We don’t know at this time because it has not been introduced yet as the way to go.   However, if this was my child attending I think I would be willing to pay for the service in the same way one pays for a book for example.   But let’s just wait and see how it will be paid.   It might be free.  It might be financed by a Grant or a foundation.  We’ll know in time and you will know as well.   I guarantee you that your child, once graduated from high school will be in a much better position and ready for Community college.  SAT scores will soar!
Community College / University Parents
Q: My son will be attending community college this fall.   He usually takes notes that are difficult to read once he gets home and he doesn’t seem to remember everything said because he scribbles to keep up.  And, that’s because he says the teachers often speak to fast and he can’t keep up with them and he finds himself scribbling.   How will this new service help him?
A. He is a student that this system was created for.   There are thousands that have this problem.  He will not have to take any notes at all.   That is what this service is about.  He can spend his time listening and trying to understand what the instructor is trying to convey/teach.  He can spend his time just writing questions to ask.  When he leaves the classroom he has a full set of notes …in fact, a verbatim set of notes of the teaching.   He can reread all that when he has the time to digest it at his own speed.
Q: My daughter is really a good note taker and she does well in school.  I don’t think she needs this service as she is well equipped.  Is this service going to be a “dumbing down” of the teaching?
A: Absolutely it will not be a dumbing down of information shared by the instructor.  In fact, it will enhance the lesson material.  The instructor can provide the level of teaching that was meant to be presented before the dumbing down system was put in place.   This system will bring it back up where it belongs because the instructors will have to have a real passion for the topic and when you have a passion you can be creative and wind interesting stories throughout the lesson to keep the students attention during the entire class period.   It will reduce drop out and poor grades as well as students who interrupt teaching due to boredom.   There will be no time for that.  This is a GOOD Thing!
Teachers / Instructors
Q: I’m a seasoned teacher and have taught almost 15 years.   I’m uncomfortable even thinking about having someone type a verbatim of what I’m saying.  It just makes me nervous.   I feel this might be an invasion of my privacy in the classroom and this system might be challenged by the entire teacher union.  
A: If you are a seasoned teacher and you have a passion for the topic you teach you will not be nervous.   What makes one nervous is being worried that what is being said might not be right and/ or might be challenged.   That is what makes one nervous when teaching.  Teachers will be hired by the passion they have to teach a certain topic.   If you have never played tennis…why would you accept a position to teach it?   And, if you did, you’d be very nervous.  If Andre Agassi was teaching tennis he would be bouncing off the walls with passion.   See that difference?  That is what we are talking about.   And, that is the goal we have in mind that all teachers shall be hired to teach the topic they have a passion for only.   If you have a passion for history and didn’t like math, you wouldn’t be a good math teacher.   We have had too many students who arrive at the 12th grade and don’t know 5th grade math and that has a lot to do with the teacher who had a lack of knowledge and passion and as a result of no passion for math this student cannot move forward.   A student who cannot do 5th grade math tells on his/her teacher he had in  the 5th grade!  In fact, we can track back where a student stopped learning a topic and that has a lot to do with the teacher at that time.   That doesn’t mean that none of the students under that teacher’s jurisdiction does not know 12th grade math.  It does mean that the teacher did not teach some of those student in the class and unfortunately….let it go.  That won’t happen with this system.  Even though there are students who did excel…those same students would probably excel without that teacher….what about those who need more steps in the learning curve?  We need every student in the class to excel in the subjects being taught.   That takes a teacher with passion for his topic!
Q: Don’t you think with this system we might lose a lot of teachers already in the system and future students may not have an interest in a teaching career?
A: No!   I think it will eliminate those who don’t have a passion to teach.    There are too many teachers like that in our schools today and in the past.   There will be a system set up to target teachers who have a passion to teach certain subjects.  It will create a pool of passionate teachers to draw from.  This method will help increase our SAT scores.   We need to evaluate our teachers better than we have in the past.   We have seasoned teachers right now who cannot pass the new test set up for teachers to keep their credential.  If the seasoned teacher can’t pass the test s/he should not be in the classroom teaching students! 
Q: Do you think this will create a shortage of teachers?
A: No!   It will enhance the career of teachers.   The teachers/instructors will come to class prepared for every single class.   There will be no such thing as a teacher who comes to class and just tries to get through the day.   Teachers will be paid more because they will be producing better scores and more knowledgeable students.  Passionate teachers can handle a larger group of students and hold their attention than a teacher with no passion and has a small class.  This system will create great teachers in our schools and….That’s the goal!
Q: I’m a teacher and sometimes I go to class I really don’t feel my best.   Maybe I’m coming down with a cold or something.   Why am I expected to be my best at every class?  After all, we all have that feeling once in awhile.
A: The answer to that is easy.   The student deserves and our taxes pay for your best to be at every class time.  My suggestion for you is to stay home if you are not feeling your best or coming down with a cold.  I’m sure there will be other teachers who have a passion who can handle your job until you ARE YOUR BEST.
Q: I love to teach.   And I have a great passion for math.   Yet the school wants me to teach history or geography.  I really look forward to being able to teach the topic I know so well and have a real passion for.   How can I get this across to my supervisor?  I’m stuck in 2 subjects I don’t know and I don’t like: history and geography.   
A: That is one of the reasons we created this system to be used in every classroom for every student.   We want to see that passion in a teacher / instructor in every single classroom.  We know that it will increase the scores for the students and their level of learning will surpass anything another teacher could do without that passion!  I suggest you go to your supervisor and request that you be placed in a topic you have this passion for.  I’d fight for that if I were you.   If this system comes to pass you’ll have no problem.  Spread the word and let’s live the dream for education for all!   Congratulations for sharing your passion.
Q: Will this destroy the full time job as we know it today…a full time job as a teacher?
A: I don’t think it will destroy anything except get rid of the teachers who are there for one reason…a job with no passion.   Without the passion we don’t have a teacher.   It might make some changes in the system in that way.  We have mathematicians who work and they have a passion for that topic.  That person would make an excellent part time teacher while he works his other job or company.   When a teacher has a passion s/he can teach more students at one time than a teacher who doesn’t have a passion.  The difference is how s/he reaches the inside of a students’ head fast and holds it there.   They are mesmerized by the teaching.   They go away talking about what they learned.   They are excited beyond belief.  They talk favorably about the teacher.  You can hear a pin drop.   That’s more important than a boring teacher who holds a full time job doing…. what? 
School Administrators / Superintendents
Q: We are excited about this system but we have questions about how we fit into this new system.  Please explain what it will do for us as administrators. 
A: This will put you in the position of knowing explicitly what is being taught in all the classrooms, how the time is organized, if the topic is being presented as per the agreement for the subject matter.   It will help you to provide support to improve the teacher approach on the topic and give that teacher some time to show s/he has the passion for this topic.  It will be an excellent tool to help you decide if this is a teacher you want on your staff.   After all, the scores are important to the school.  What better tool can you ask for?  You can watch any teacher throughout the school with the push of a button.   You can even watch 2 teachers at one time and do a comparison study.  You can watch all the teachers during the day…any day…anytime.   If you were home one day for some reason, you could tune in and see what you want to view.  If you were out of town you could the same.
Q: What about the cost?   Where is the money coming from to do this?
A: We have not figured that out yet.  But we will.   It could come from philantrophists and / or grants.   There may be a charge for the system at first, but later it may level out once we can see the scores and the results of what this system can do.   There will no longer be a need to be concerned about what they have termed as the “slow learner”.   He’s slow because he can’t keep up with the classroom teacher.   He’s also usually a slow writer so he can’t take notes.   If he has a computer and it is loaded with the lesson taught for the day, he can go home with that and study.  It becomes his reference and backup support.  It will eliminate the slow learner altogether.   He will learn because now s/he has the opportunity to learn and he will keep up with the class.  S/He might even surprise you and surpass the smartest student of the past.  The hearing impaired student has equal opportunity with a verbatim account of the teaching. This is another student whose scores will really impress you once s/he gets his/her hands on the computer verbatim system.  The student with dyslexia will also improve his/her scores in leaps and bounds.  It is the students who don’t learn well that keeps the average score down.  This system will provide everything a student needs to be the best s/he can be.  This is the system of the future!   It cannot be denied!
High School / Community College / University Students
Q: What if I miss a class.   Will I still be able to receive the class lesson on my computer?
A: Yes.   The teacher has your code and will send it to you even if you are in the hospital, home with the flu or on vacation with your family.   
Q: I speak 2 languages.  I listen to the instructor in English, but when I read and study I like it in my birth language.   How can I do that?
A: That’s another beauty of this system!  Just let the captioner know what language you want and it will be set up so all you have to do is click on a button and it will convert English to 7 other languages.  Some computers already have that option available.  It’s instant.


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