We, at CaptionsVerbatimPro,  welcome all contact and value your suggestions about our concepts and services we plan to provide for all to learn.

We are a small company with lots of plans for future education for all.  And, we believe education should not end at grade 12, not even after community college or the university.   We believe education is a lifetime venture and not necessarily to earn a degree but to become educated in your choice of pursuits.

This company believes that a verbatim account of what is being said is the only thing that matters in education and to have it on your computer for back up and reviews in a verbatim account at any time will enhance the education beyond simply taking notes by hand.   We strive to have this method in every classroom at every school and wherever education takes place.  It should be as important as having a teacher in the classroom. 

Sometimes a degree will only teach you how to make a living but there are other areas of education that will teach you how to live.  There is a big difference between making a living and a lifestyle.  For that reason, we believe education comes from different ways of learning as well as different careers that need to be explored.   And, we plan to provide that method with CaptionsVerbatimPro.

Should you be interested in our services feel free to contact Bobbi or Pete at any time:            


P O Box 0787

San Clemente CA. 92674


 (This email needs to be changed to

Fax:       949.498.3222

Cell:       714.343.0302

Pager:   800.395.0302


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