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What is CaptionsVerbatimPro?

CaptionsVerbatimPro services is an interpretational tool.  CaptionsVerbatimPro guarantees every individual the opportunity to understand a verbatim account of what is being taught realtime plus a backup printout is provided upon request of the individual student for later study or reference in any language at the push of a button.  CaptionsVerbatimPro is the agency that provides captioning realtime services by the use of a stenographic machine.   The captioner can type up to 250 words per minute and is able to keep up with most speakers.    All the information can be read by the students from a large screen situated in the front at the left or right side of the room.  

CaptionsVerbatimPro is exactly what it says.  We provide the spoken language in verbatim so students don’t miss a single word and it can be translated to several different languages at a touch of a button during the print out.

Captions are known by different names such as:  Realtime captioning and CART.   CART is short for Communication Access Realtime Translation.   Realtime Captioning has been around for a few years and it is the foundation from which we work.   CaptionsVerbatimPro is our company and trademark name.  


Who Needs CaptionsVerbatimPro? 

  1. CaptionsVerbatimPro is designed to support education, knowledge & continued success throughout life for those with hearing loss of the nerve type as well as those with learning difficulties.


  1. Students with normal hearing will find the printout service to be of great value as a backup reference.  They will be able to concentrate more on what the teacher is presenting versus taking notes.


  1. Teachers and speakers in the classroom will be better informed, prepared and more organized in the field of their expertise and knowledge.


Administration will be able to use it as an evaluation tool to determine the teachers effectiveness in the classroom.

What will CaptionsVerbatimPro do for the students?

  • it provides a verbatim account of what has been taught;
  • it provides the opportunity for the student to pay attention to the teacher instead of taking notes, thereby strengthening listening skills;
  • it enhances the learning for students who have a short attention span as well as those who have hearing impairment, those who have difficulty concentrating and others with learning disabilities;
  • it provides every student an equal opportunity to give input and output;
  • at the end of each class students can request a verbatim printout of the lesson for the day and that becomes a part of their reference for study;
  • it provides student who have a 2nd language a verbatim printout in their language if they prefer;
  • every student has the opportunity to be a part of group work and even be a leader of the group;
  • the printout becomes a record of all ideas presented, accepted, rejected or enhanced as well as every question asked and answered;
  • CaptionsVerbatimPro services will enhance the knowledge and skills of all students who attend.


What will CaptionsVerbatimPro do for K-12 Students?

  • K-12 students have the liberty of taking home a verbatim account of what was taught that day and the parent/family member will be able to go over the entire lesson taught for the day.  


  • CaptionsVerbatimPro makes education transparent and keeps the family in the loop of all lessons taught throughout the year.


  •  Lessons can be streamed to the home if a child is out due to illness or if a child cannot attend due to family being out of town for a short period of time. 


  • It gives parents a fair opportunity to be in the loop of what is being taught in the classroom and how the time is being used to assist individual students and what parents can do to assist their child in the lessons not quite understood in the classroom.   Parents can be good teachers to their children.


  • CaptionsVerbatimPro will increase the learning curve for all students.   No question about it!


  • It’s also possible there could be an after school program that goes back over the lesson learned that day for students who wish to review their lesson


  • We know when students get behind in school it begins in the lower grades.   That’s where boredom starts setting in, after that comes lack of interest and they either drop out or they become a problem on campus. 


What will CaptionsVerbatimPro do for the Teachers/Instructors?

  • it becomes a record of what has been taught, how it’s been taught and it can be reviewed later for review;
  • teachers / instructors will be better prepared to teach at each class;
  • as a result, teachers will be prepared to stick to the topic being taught and enhance valuable class time;
  • substitute teachers can do a review from to instill the lessons previously taught;


What will CaptionsVerbatimPro do for the Adminstrator?

  • it will provide a better evaluation tool for the administration to determine how well the teacher is teaching the class;
  • the evaluation tool will assist the administrator for improvement of teaching procedures;
  • administrators will be more selective of their teachers in the hiring process;
  • CaptionVerbatimPro services will enhance the scores in every classroom and that is what teaching and schools are all about.


What will CaptionsVerbatimPro do for Seminars, Board Rooms, Conventions, Grauations ?

CaptionsVerbatimPro   In a large group educational setting….. it’s the only way to go!  

  • You want to be in the loop..you want to hear the question in the back of the room and the answer from the front. 
  • You want to know what the speaker is saying even though s/he has an accent.
  • You want to know what is going on at any given moment.
  • You want the luxury of being chosen as the leader of a group and being the leader you were born to be….not to be on the outside looking in.
  • You want to be able to reach out and help others….not be in the position of being helped.
  • You want to get the punch line in a story being told….and be able to laugh when others are laughing. 


When tests are given the student will be confident and KNOW the answers! 

CaptionsVerbatimPro ….the ONLY WAY TO GO!

What this proactive captioning service will do is blend those who have difficulties into the regular classroom and all students will have equal opportunity to learn.  It will increase grade scores for all concerned.  As the teacher is teaching the students will hear the message and be able to read the message as well which doubles the teaching procedure of driving the message home. 


To not use CaptionsVerbatimPro service in every classroom is an absolute waste of the potential expertise and knowledge available.  This service will decrease boredom, class disruption and the dislike of school.  It will enhance student learning and increase grade scores.


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