A Portrait of America

Current & Future Portrait of America

As published by Jason McGouldrick Dec. 11, 2006

According to Time magazine recently published  a study was done in 2006 about the current American demographics and  statistics in an effort to commemorate Americas 300millionth citizen.   Their findings:  The majority of Americans are White….about 240 million or 80.1%.   That means there are 19.9% minorities or about 60 million people who may have language problems. 44 million are Hispanics and 13 million are Asians.

The future, as per this study, by the year 2050, it is projected that 50% of the American population will be white and 24% will be Hispanics while Asians will increase by an almost unnoticeable amount.  That leaves 26% as being a mixture of immigrants, legal or otherwise.   As you can see, the face of America is changing.

It seems as a result of the above study the multicultural makeup of the current and future America will need to make some fast changes in how education is being presented.   Some of these people who are Americans by birth have difficulties in keeping up in classes due to a long list of problems based on past history in America.   Those who speak a different language not only have the language challenge but some of those also have difficulties that fall under hearing loss, dyslexia, poor concentration, poor organization skills, plus a whole list of other problems that may prevent them from keeping up and learning along with the class.

I believe CaptionsVerbatimPro is the answer to that problem.   If every student has a verbatim account of what is being taught plus a printout of each lesson for their personal folder, they have a better opportunity of earning a higher score when taking classes, finishing school, and they would be better prepared for the job market and beyond.   It would be interesting to know the percentage of students who would be able to graduate, find or create a job in the chosen field after using the services compared to those who have not had that opportunity in the current learning situation.


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