Getting to know about CaptionsVerbatimPro is an incredible opportunity for all

Our Mission….is to provide unlimited opportunity for every individual to understand speech realtime in any educational setting.   Therefore, to complete my mission I plan to bring realtime captions out of the handicapped department to be used in every classroom  so everyone has equal opportunity to learn.   This method eliminates division of people and provides for those with disabilities as well as others who speak different languages and any other student in the classroom.  It provides a verbatim print out sent directly to each student’s computer for further study and/or reference. 

Our Inspiration
According to NationMaster.com there was some very interesting information that rated the major countries school effectiveness under Reading Literacy, Mathematical Literacy and Scientific Literacy.  The United States came in as #15, #18 and #14 respectively.   While Finland, Japan and South Korean came in #1.   The second category rated Student Attitudes such as, Dislike School, Find school boring and Class Disorder Reported.  The U.S. rated 34% disliked school, 61% felt school was boring with 28% reported class disorders.  Those rates are unacceptable for a country such as the United States.  We have the capacity to be within the top 5 if not #1 all the way across.

As a retired teacher of academics with 25 years of teaching experience with normal average students and special education, specifically hearing impaired adults,  I am concerned about how our students achieve in school in the U.S.   There is a big need for us to make changes in how we present our classes in our educational programs.  I believe we have the capacity to be #1 in reading, mathematics and scientific programs.   And, the program suggested will also reduce the dislike of school, boredom and classroom disorder.   This is my inspiration to improve our scores so our students can compete with any country in the world.

Our Vision:

Captions have been available for those who are deaf in the school system for some years.   Most people with hearing impairment are not even aware of these services being made available.  It’s almost like a top secret.  And, I found it quite by accident.  It is an incredible system and should be used in every classroom.  It is that something “more” that is needed to increase grade scores for all students.

Thus, the birth of CaptionsVerbatimPro to meet all student needs.

There will be no time for a student to become bored with this system.   The student’s mind will be wrapped around every word being spoken and due to better qualified teachers who will be selected to teach the classes, the instructor will be more prepared, the material will be more interesting and thereby keep the student attention.

In my teaching days I never observed a student to walk away from an interesting presentation.  That is the key.  It has to be made interesting and meet the qualifications of the topic at all times.    The use of CaptionsVerbtimPro services will set higher standards for teachers and with that will come higher wages.

I find that the federal government has established a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) as the right of every student  that prepares them for further education, employment and independent living.  The problem I’m seeing is that it has been left to each of the 50 states to implement this mandate through their educational policies and administrators and the general public are not aware of this law.  (Hearing Health.D. Fox and K.Rojas, Fall, 2010)

I’d like to see that every public school offers CaptionsVerbatimPro  services in every classroom.


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